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Peer Recommendations

“This instrument has exhibited three channels to analyze three different types of samples. Then we can use this instrument with at least three people at the same time. This is a great aspect for our organization.”


- Runiul Awual, Research Scientist, Japan Atomic Energy Agency


Published: Oct 12, 2015         TVID: 888-B83-0A7

“By using this instrument, we improved the efficiency by 20%.”


- Li Jing, Research Assistant, National Institute of Clean and Low Carbon Energy


Published: Sep 21, 2015         TVID:  5C8-C38-311

“The equipment is used by many researchers and runs almost 24/7. It enhanced both our throughput, as well as the resolution that we could achieve in measuring zeolites.”


- Ive Hermans, Principal Investigator (PI), The University of Wisconsin-Madison


Published: Sep 21, 2015         TVID:  A89-853-CC5

Everything A User Would Want in and Analytical Instrument


"The 3Flex has an excellent quality and high sample through-put
with reliability and accuracy"


- Matthew Hall, Laboratory Director, The University of Nottingham


Published: Sep 21, 2015         TVID: F6A-C04-46D

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