Case Study: Energ2


  • Purchased an instrument from Micromeritics because of:
    • The range of products and services
    • Product quality and reliability
    • Innovation and product performance

Use Case:

  • Also evaluated the following vendors:
    • Quantachrome Instruments
  • Has had a good personal experience with Micromeritics


  • Rates the following Micromeritics capabilities as compared to other companies they considered prior to purchase:
    • Scientific and technical support: very differentiated
    • Ease of communication: somewhat differentiated
    • Responsiveness to inquiries: differentiated
    • Delivery, install, and service: differentiated
    • Product performance: highly differentiated
  • Is highly satisfied with the performance of their Micromeritics instrument in meeting their needs.
  • Micromeritics instrument met 79-99% of their expectations for analytical results.
  • Rates the following results or throughput gains of their Micromeritics instrument in regards to the effect on their businesses return:
    • Improve scientific results: greatly helped
    • The timely process of samples: helped
    • Gather data that resulted in useful info: greatly helped
    • The interpretation of results: greatly helped
    • Reliable up-time performance: greatly helped
  • 80-99% confident that Micromeritics will continue to meet their future needs in particle characterization.


“Micromeritics will retain a trusted position as it offers some of the

best sorption instrumentation that I have ever used.”


CORY MEKELBURG, Business Professional, EnerG2


Published: Oct. 27, 2014    TVID: 3C1-38C-300

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