Case Study: Old Hickory Clay Co.

Micromeritics or Particulate Systems Instrument(s):

  • FlowSorb, TriStar, Gemini VII, and Sedigraph III

Personal Experience with Micromeritics:

I had been exposed to the Micromeritics brand or company for over 30 years with a lot
of different instruments during that time under my belt. I first used a particle size analyzer instrument the 5000 in 1984, few years later we upgraded to the Sedigraph 5100 and we also got a Surface Area Analyzer called FlowSorb 2300.We continued using these two instruments for few more years until Micromeritics came out with new model or instruments that eventually replaced them. The 5120 replace the 5100 as the particle size analyzer for our the ceramic industry. And for surface area analyzer changes or evolution of them also took place from FlowSorb, TriStar, or Gemini VII.


In all the years that i had been involved in testing ceramic raw materials all the Instruments mentioned above were very reliable and durable. Micromeritics technical
and customer support was and is very helpful to me .

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