Case Study: Petroleum Research
& Development Center

Micromeritics or Particulate Systems Instrument(s):

  • ASAP 2020 Physisorption and Chemisorption Analyzer

Personal Experience with Micromeritics:

I am a chemical engineer I work for 'Petroleum Research & Development center (PRDC) of the Iraqi ministry of oil. In 2010 we have bought ASAP 2020 with serial No. 1192, it was a great day for me and my colleagues to get such a reliable instrument which I always dreamed with, it would add an impressive support to my lab. but we faced a problem at the beginning because the supplier company told us that they have no specialist to operate this instrument! He has offered us a training for 5 days at USA, but at that time the contact indicated that the training should be onsite. So the supplier decided to get help from his friend who is a doctor at university of Baghdad, he started work, installed the basic parts and software's, tried the standard samples for physisorption part ,but with inaccurate results, he used to work without reading the operation manual, just trying on his own ideas, so I decided to read as much I can of the manual I worked together with my colleagues to read the manual , we managed to solve many faults that faced operation and tried testing the standard samples with a very accurate results , it was our amazing day to realize that if you work hard , you surely would gain a good results.


When we started to install it for chemisorption part, we faced many problems one

of them hydrogen cylinder which may be dangerous we just wanted to do a test, the other one is that tests lasts for about 20 hours, and you know in Iraq the electricity power is very bad, so we used a generator and two technicians to take care of this matter, also another two from HSE Division , we started operation at 8:00 am and everything is ok , but the surprise at 10:00 pm and before the end of test my colleague made a fatal mistake? he pressed space bar at the keyboard , he tried to manage the matter, but he was confused , so he pressed enter.. to terminate the test ! after long waiting we had got no results, the technicians and HSE ,then came and asked us about the test , we replied them that everything is ok and the test is passed!! Really it was a white lie, because we did not wish to disappoint them. At last and after two weeks later we repeated the test with a very successful results, and from that time and till now ASAP2020 is working at our lab, we have done more than 300 tests with it. But we still need for some training to discover a lot of parameters in ASAP2020.


Now my lab is called "catalyst & zeolite center" it is a growing catalyst center, so we in urgent need for the advanced technology that Micrometrics is a pioneer in it, I wish I can get another testing equipment having the same brand, because the remarkable reputation and high performance.

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