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Peer Recommendations

“In the words of Carly Simon,
‘Nobody does it better!’”

Dr. LF Jones, Principal, MCA Services, UK

Published: Mar 2, 2015    TVID: 68B-97E-453

Micromeritics has always been timely
and responsive to my requests. They
sell quality products that perform
as intended. They have very good customer service. "


Erin Anderson, Facilities Manager, S&P 500 Aerospace & Defense Company.

Published: 2015   TVID: 3D3-69F-04B

"I’ve been able to obtain unique instrumentation capable of measuring useful data for my research group. Micromeritics has been fantastic at supporting my unique research directions and helping with technical issues.


Paul Forster, Principal Investigator (PI),
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Published: Mar 2, 2015    TVID: 8F9-80D-D86

Would you recommend Micromeritics?


“Yes, because the excellent robustness and performance of its instruments. Good after-sales services. High availability of specialists when we need advice.”


Jorge Balmaseda, Principal Investigator (PI), Educational Institution

Published: Apr 6, 2015   TVID: 926-FD5-0DA

Letter of Appreciation

"I am pleased to give my sincere testimonial as the user of a Micromeritics analytical instrument product. Our institution has purchased the material surface area analyzer Micromeritics model ASAP 2020 in year 2007 and also a Pycnometer model AccuPyc 1340 in year 2009. I am very satisfied with the performance of the analytical instruments we have from Micromeritics and
I would also like to commend the good after sales service from Benchmark Technologies as the Micromeritics agent in Singapore. The Benchmark Technologies personnel have very good understanding in terms of its application and full operation on their equipments. The respond time for servicing in terms of its application and full operation on their equipment. The response time for servicing and troubleshooting is excellent and  it helps us greatly when we face problems during the usage of equipment."

Yours truly,


Dr. Hengky Chang Senior Lecturer
School of Engineering
Nayang Polytechnic

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