Case Study: Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

Micromeritics or Particulate Systems Instrument(s):

  • AutoPore IV

Personal Experience with Micromeritics:

We have been using Micromeritics autopore technology since its early beginnings. Why? Because we have found no equal in the marketplace for reliability, repeatability, and ease of use. We can remember when we had to manually fill the penetrometers and increase the pressure by means of a dial. Needless to say, throughput was much slower and required tremendous amount of effort in accomplishing a single test. Of course there was the occasional mercury spill that had to be cleaned and/or contained. Results all had to be manually plotted. Many
of these things have been steadily improved over the years, thanks to customer feedback and the innovative spirit of Micromeritics.


While I can remember one problematic instrument we had in which, after replacing almost every component, we found that it was nothing more than a cold solder joint on the mother board (incidentally, the only component we had not replaced) and the repetitive problems went away, much to the delight of field service technicians and our own lab technicians.


During this ordeal, we had the pleasure of meeting many of Micromeritics' finest repair and maintenance field representatives, which always treated us with the utmost of respect and dignity. I can remember Farrel Garner, Brandon Michaels, and Joe Thompson, as well as others which I cannot recall by name.


Did I mention the fine in-house training program that enabled some hands-on experience in repairing and diagnosing the instrument, as well as testing actual samples. Again, we were also entertained by going to Stone Mountain and seeing
a significant part of our national heritage which reunited North and South into one country without equal.


I do not want to fail to mention that your instrument has enabled us to maintain our world leadership position in the porous polyimide field. In fact, we are the only supplier world-wide in this highly specialized market, which aids in ensuring precise positioning of critical aerospace devices.


It is our material, and our ability to characterize it with the Autopore IV that enable us to supply material that is used in cage bearings for geosynchronous satellites, used to broadcast television and radio, as well as GPS coordinates to enable to find our way on our beautiful planet. It is also used in applications we cannot discuss that certainly have had their place in history, shaping the landscape of global power.


Thank you for being a part of our success, and for having us be a part of your success.

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